1951 Bentley Mark VI

Our Bentley MK VI is a true stylish icon of the 1950's. Finished in black and ivory coachwork, with a stunning cream leather upholstery, inlaid wood and vanity mirrors either side of the rear seat.  There is also a large sliding sunroof which lightens the spacious interior which will delight both you and your photographer.

1938 Vintage Rover 14

Our Vintage Rover 14 known as 'Roger' is a real head turner, with a large Viking Mascot on the bonnet, spoke wheels and stunning royal blue velour upholstery.  The coachwork is finished in the true bridal wedding car colour of Old English White, which also matches our Vanden Plas 'Princess' 7 seater should you be looking for a second car for your Bridesmaids.

'Princess' our 1960 Vanden Plas is a special car which will carry upto seven passengers plus the chauffeur.  These cars were handbuilt from the 1950's to the late 1960's for Civic Ocassions and were used by City Mayors and our Royal Family.  These are the largest and most spacious wedding cars of all, standing 5ft 10" (1.8 mtrs), very popular as either the Brides car or Bridesmaids/Family car.

'Duchess' is the sister car to 'Princess' with Old English White Coachwork and Cream upholstery the same as 'Princess'. Very light and spacious, allowing the Bride and passengers to step into the car and travel in pure comfort, you will have to practice your 'Royal Wave' as these cars are regal and capture attention wherever they go. Ideal if you are looking for a matching pair of cars., one for the Bride, one for the Bridesmaids.

'Countess' This is our third Vanden Plas Princess seven seater but finished in a stunning Rolls Royce Two-Tone Silver Coachwork.  The upholstery has been resently renewed in a plush velour.  The interior woodwork glistens like new and 'Countess' has spent a large part of her life transporting Dignitaries in the City of Edinburgh before joining Knightley Cars.

'1930's Style Open Top Tourer'  Make your day very special by travelling in style in this very populer Open Top Car. You can guarantee to turn heads in this eyecatching vehicle, which is finished in beautiful Old English White coachwork, with it's sleak body, spoke wheels, powerful engine and it is complimented with quality red leather upholstery.  Just perfect for photos for your special day.

'Rolls Royce' our Silver Spirit is an outstanding example of this model.  The interior is in an unmarked Luxury Cream Leather Upholstory, with Lambs Wool rugs and Foot Stools.  The smoothness of the ride feels like you are floating.  Very popular for Budget Weddings or as a Bridesmaids car to complement our classic range.   

'Princess & Duchess' Our pair of Vanden Plas are very popular for a two car wedding package.  Both finished in Old English White Coachwork with Cream interiors will impress not only your family and guests but everyone you pass on your wedding day.  One car can carry upto seven passengers, whilst the other with the ocassional seats folded away will give incredible spaciousness for the Bride with a large wedding dress.

'Chevvy' this 1928 Chevrolet 4 door Sedan is truly special ! Imported by ourselves from America is a winner of Vintage Car Shows, the Coachwork is a beautiful Orange and Beige finish which turns the clock back to Era of 'Bugsy Malone'.  The seating and upholstery is  in a light tan corduory effect which compliments the exterior. Listen out for the klaxon horn as you leave the Church.  Restricted to more localised weddings only due to the age of 'Chevvy' But you can always check with us to see if we can include your wedding area. 

"Baby Bentley" Our luxury 5 seater executive car which is popular for the Bride who is looking for a modern wedding car, or a Bridesmaids car and is also perfect for the 'Winter Weddings'. Finished in Bright Metallic Silver Coachwork with luxury leather seating, tortoise shell trims and lots of chrome !! This car catches 'The Eye' wherever it goes.